Magic Moon Manifesting


Today is a new moon. An optimal time to connect with the magical energy of Mother Moon and manifest your heart’s desires.

The energy of a new moon brings with it:

  • Hope
  • Faith Renewal
  • RenewalRebirth
  • Rebirth

Yet it also brings with it a stark reminder to be honest about what you don’t want and what you need to let go of. After all, when you let go of what you don’t need you inadvertently create space. A space that can be filled with something or someone that feels good, whilst being more in alignment with your heart’s true desires.

My New Moon Practices
There are a fair few new moon practices out there. Just tap in ‘New Moon rituals’ into Google and I’m sure you’ll find many a guide or E-book to choose from. Yet, I’m going to share with you the rituals and practices that I will be using on the new moon. Practices and rituals that I’ve been using, as well as tweaking for years. So, if you’re ready, let’s do some new moon manifesting together.

F*** You Letter
Sometimes the moon energy can leave you feeling sad, angry or emotional. If that’s the case then I find it helps to get those feelings out and onto paper. You can do this in your journal or as a ‘F*** You Letter’. The key is to not hold back or think about what you are writing. Allow the feelings to rise to the surface, really sit with them and let them out. Within this you may get some clarity or ‘a-ha’ moments that makes you realise what you need to truly address or let go of in order to manifest your desires into reality.
After writing the letter I will either burn it or shred it. Why? Because it’s old energy that you want to let go of. You don’t want to hold onto that energy, so by burning or shredding it you’re symbolically letting it go.

Clear Your Space
This is optional, yet I sometimes feel that when I’ve been in environments or around people with heavy, dark energy I have to clear the vibes. After all, you don’t want to carry the heavy energy into your new moon cycle and manifestations.

There are many ways to do this, including prayer, visualisation, Reiki, Himalayan salt bath or smudging. Although I often use a combination of these my preferred method is smudging with Sage or Palo Santo.


Intentions and desires
Now it is time to consider what it is that you want to attract into your life. At this point I find that the clearer you are the better. If you are vague with your intentions and desires, then vague is what you’ll attract. The method that I will be using tonight to set my own desires will be to write them out in my journal as a letter to God (substitute for the Universe, Angels or whoever you believe in), doing so as if they have already been received. For example, Thank you for my new relationship with the man of my dreams. He is (insert the qualities that you are looking for). I feel (insert how you will feel when you receive this/in the relationship, eg: loved, contented, expansive).

The idea with this is to really connect to the feeling of this dream of yours being your current reality. So, you may want to spend some time visualising it all or dedicate time to reading over your letter in the coming days. How often you do so is entirely up to you, so do whatever feels right for you.

Finally, it’s important to take time to rest and invest in some self-care at this time. I sometimes feel that the energy can be a little intense or overwhelming, especially when you are on the cusp of making big changes in your life. Therefore, be gentle on yourself and be honest with yourself about how you feel, as well as what you need in the moment. Ultimately, believe that anything is possible and you are worthy of your dreams.

Happy New Moon and God Bless.

“Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.”

– Roald Dahl



Magic Monday Reading: 13.02.17


There was simply not enough space to share today’s Magic Monday reading on Instagram, which is why I’m sharing it as a blog post.

Please feel free to share it with anyone who may benefit from hearing today’s message.

With much love and Angel blessings xox

1. The Miracle of Nature
You need a break. That’s the instant message that has come through here. If you can get out into nature then do so because the fresh air will do you the world of good, reconnecting you to the natural rhythms of life and yourself.

If getting out in nature isn’t possible then try a change of scenery or a walk in the park. Anything that gets you outside and your body moving is going to do you a world of good.

The Angels want you to know that no matter how stressful, tense or hard things get they are with you always. There’s never any need to allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the stresses of life.

If you can whilst out and about invite us in, take a moment to hear our guidance for you.

Crystal: Selenite. Perfect crystal for clearing your energy and relaxing you.

2. New Beginnings

You really don’t feel ready for this new beginning. For you it feels like walking out of a door in the sky, uncertain of where you’re going, where you’ll land or if you’ll survive.

I almost feel like the Angels are saying that they’ll lend you their wings so that you can fly.

For you I’m getting that it’s important to take the advice of card 1 as I feel this will give you some clarity or insight that will support you with this new beginning.

If you don’t feel ready pray for what you need. Visualise it. Ask. Think positively and be open to receiving.

This new path to something new is filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. Yes, there will be struggles and challenges. However I feel that you are now better equipped to deal with them than ever before.

Thank the angels for opening up the doors to change.

Crystal: Flourite. A crystal for mental clarity and aiding mental clarity when needing to make a decision.
3. Shine your Light – AA Uriel

You’ve been hiding for too long, dear sweet one. It is your time to now come out to bloom.

What talents and gifts are you hiding away? The world needs them. What knowledge do you have to share? Your team need to know.

The image I’m getting is of someone who is working in a team. You have a lot of knowledge that isn’t really being put to use in this team. Share this knowledge with the team or create an outlet where you can share what it is that you know. There are people who would pay good money for what you have to share.

You need to be somewhere you’re appreciated too.

It’s time to speak up. Stand up and shine. Call on AA Uriel to help you do this.

Crystal: Citrine is a stone for courage and confidence, resonating most strongly with the Solar Plexus. The solar plexus being our sacra seat of power and confidence.
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Beat the ‘back to work’ blues with a little more ease and grace 

For many the holiday season is now over and it’s back to work, as usual. Feelings of anxiety, stress and negativity override the feel good vibes, creativity, expansion and positivity that you were just getting used to. It’s safe to say that the back to work struggle is real.

However, before you slip into the abyss of negative thinking or the pit of sadness, I invite you to have a read of my holiday blues survival guide. So, pour yourself one last glass of festive champers, relax, sip slowly and read on.

Daily practice 
How you start each day is really important to your personal wellbeing. Impacting on your thoughts and feelings, as well as the energy that you attract to you.

You may get up feeling crappy about the day ahead, yet a few simple practices can support you in flipping that switch and getting into a positive mind-set. These practises may include;

  • Physical exercise
  • Meditation / breath work
  • Prayer
  • Journaling / Gratitude writing
  • Visualising a positive day ahead
  • Read or listen to an inspirational book / podcast
  • Set an intention for the day

Choose what works best for you and commit to this daily practice. Even if it means that you listen to the meditation as you travel to work (I’ve done this and still do), in the bath/shower or as you do you’re getting ready. Find a way to make a point of raising your vibe in the morning.

Step by step 
Each day is a new day and although you really wanna go in all guns blazing with the positivity, the fact is some days may be harder than others. So, rather than focusing on the week or month ahead focus upon each new day.

This is all about being in the moment, feeling everything that you need to and returning to sender anything that isn’t yours to heal. It also means that you keep your focus on what you can do today and you’re more likely to notice when you’re slipping out of alignment. Affording yourself the luxury of getting back on track again, using a simple practice such as: Stop. Breathe. Pray.

Each day is a new day with new challenges, joys and possibilities. Enjoy each one rather than sinking down into the depths of stress and overwhelm. Be in the moment. It’s all about the one step, two step. Slowly. Slowly. You’ve got this. 

A little Divine reminder 
Someone will push your buttons. You will be triggered. If not today then maybe tomorrow. This you can be certain of and when it happens it can throw every positive intention, affirmation, mantra and daily practice out of the window. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Having, what I call a ‘Divine reminder’ can be helpful in supporting you to press the reset or delete button when you need to. 
A Divine Reminder can be:

  • A high-vibe pre-set message/reminder in your phone
  • A piece of intentional jewellery
  • A positive password that you use for your work email/computer
  • A mini vibe board as your phone screensaver

The purpose of the ‘Divine Reminder’ is to remind you of your intention in the midst of chaos or a mini meltdown. Whenever you glimpse your ‘Divine Reminder’ you’ll be reminded of your original intention and have the option to choose again. Choosing to realign with the intention or carrying on down the spiral of negativity. Hopefully you’ll choose the former more often than not. 

Weed out the negativity 
It’s tempting to focus on what’s going wrong and what you don’t like. This is especially tempting when all of your colleagues seem to be doing the same. Therefore rather than focusing on the negatives focus on the positive and the benefits, as well as wins. I know, it sounds easier than it is.

Therefore, maybe when you’re feeling particularly shitty or when someone comes over moaning ask this question: What do you like about being here? If the answer is nothing. Ask again: What are wins from working here? 
These questions begin the process of reprogramming your mind to focus on the gains, the wins and positives, no matter how bloody small they may be. Once you know the wins focus on them rather than your hates. After all, they do say that whatever you focus on expands and you get more of. So, why not get more wins in your life?

Have a break

This one is short and sweet, yet highly effective. Take a break. Going back to work can be intense, especially when you are somewhere you’d rather not be, so take a break. Go for a walk up the road and get some fresh air. If you’re near a church or park then head on over.

Space away from the confines your work building creates distance and space. It gives you the opportunity to think straight and think about other things. If possible, listen to music, a high-vibe podcast or something similar. This isn’t to suppress or avoid feeling what you are feeling. It’s more about creating space and distance to clear your mind.

Those negative thoughts and feelings tend to be and feel more intense when you’re where you’d rather not be. Therefore, sometimes it’s better to not dwell whilst at work and do so in the privacy of your own home or in a safe space where you can fully release.

When you’re out the building you can think about whatever lights you up or have high-vibe chats with friends and family. On your return you’re likely to have lifted your spirits. 

Killer outfit 
My final tip should be easy for you gorgeous soul goddesses. All that is required is that you return to work in a killer outfit. Get dressed up, do your hair and make-up, spritz on your fave perfume then you’re good to go. 

Dressing up tends to have the instant feeling of making you feel bloody amazing and just because you’re going to work doesn’t mean you can’t look your absolute best.

So, get your glad rags on and strut your stuff. You’re worth it!

Get real

As much as this tips and practice support you in changing your mindset, as well as raising your vibration you do need to be honest with yourself.

Is it just the holiday blues?

Nobody really likes returning to the grind after a few days of bliss and light. However, if you are battling to raise tire vibration and not being filled up by what you do then this is usually a sign to start looking in a new direction.

We are now in a global 1 year and it’s a good time for new beginnings. Not only that, it’s time to think about what you want to start and build upon in this new 9 year cycle. If the truth is that your job isn’t for you cut ties now or get a plan of action in place to secure a job that lights you up.

Remember there is a flame of divine magic that lies within you, allowing you to create whatever you like. Don’t waste it.

And, there you have it, some practical tips on how to handle those back to work blues. So, as you take your final sips of festive champagne, think about what steps you are going to try out this week. Let me know in the comments below and feel free to share your own tips too.

Head over to my Instagram this week where I’ll endeavour to share my practises, tools and maybe my fashion ensemble that I’m using to keep me in the high-vibe zone as I navigate the holiday blues with a little more ease and grace.

Stay connected. 

With love xo 

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#behindthescenes 01

Untitled design (8)

I don’t tend to share behind the scenes photos, usually because I get too absorbed in the creating process that it slips my mind.  However, I’m going to try and remember to take photos and share what goes on behind the scenes to give you an idea of how it all works, as well as what I’m working on.

Top pic – The much-loved Rose Quartz ‘Love’ bracelets being created.  These bracelets will be part of a collection of other inspirational, intentional items to shared in a coaching package for women.

Bottom left – A bespoke, custom made chain and lilac quartz bracelet, complimented by Swarovski crystals and a Dove charm.

Bottom right – These bracelets are being given a blast of Angelic Reiki energy and charged with love, light and positive energy.

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