Sagittarius Full Moon



  • Detach from people, situations and habits that are a bit stale.
  • Break out from the norm and the status quo.
  • Follow your heart, your passions and do more of what sets you alight.
  • Go for it. That guy. The kiss. That goal. The job. That new, creative idea.
  • Forgive. Let go. Call in the new.


This Sagittarius full moon may well have you questioning the direction that you’re heading in and looking at when you’ve been. Asking the questions: Am I heading in the right direction? Does this path bring me closer or further away from my bliss (or whatever else you want to feel)? To find the answer you’re invited to tune into your heart and body, allowing it to guide your next steps. Most likely leading you down a path less travelled. This may feel a little unsettling or scary. Yet the full moon in Sagittarius says: “Let yourself be moved beyond your comfort zone and allow yourself to feel whatever you want to feel.

The truth is being illuminated right now under the gaze of the Sagittarius full moon. Are you allowing yourself to see the truth, accept the truth and feel the truth? If you are then the Universe will be offering you the gift of transformation. So be brave, get focused and shed what isn’t need as you move forward in the direction that feels good. No, that feels exciting, scary, full of promise, uncertain and just right all at the same time.

If you want to make the most of the Full Moon energy then there’s still time. The energy of the full moon is still with us. You make the most of it. Do a little burning ritual to let go, surrender & eliminate the memories, stories and things that you want shot of. Then set new intentions and take action.

I’ve created a full moon burning ritual guide to help you. Hit me up here to receive it.

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