5 Steps towards transformation


Current feels: The energy is one of transformation and healing from within. This is being amplified by the energy of this Full Moon. Are you ready to shed the layers, untruths and limiting stories that you’ve been telling yourself? If so, it’s time to go within.

Once you start doing the work you begin to realise that you cannot paper over the cracks (wounds, issues and untruths) with affirmations. It requires more than that. Much more.

True transformational healing is an inside job. You have to go within. In doing so you gotta be prepared for the real truth to hit you. You’ve also gotta be willing to feel the feels.

I’ve learned that this isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a process where you rise and maybe stumble along the way, ugly crying et all. However, it’s also liberating and you’ll learn what you need to, meet who you’re meant to and acquire tools, practices and wisdom that you need. All of which come together so that next time round you transform and heal with a little more ease and grace. So, let’s begin today as I share my 5-step process that has supported me in facilitating healing from within.


The wounds, the issues and untruths will rise to the surface. They’ll make themselves known to you whenever they time comes for them to be healed. However, whether or not you acknowledge them is entirely up to you.

Like many of you reading this, I would simply suppress or block out whatever wounds or feels that I didn’t want to deal with. I’d substitute it for anything else that felt better, e.g.: shopping, Prosecco or work. If it didn’t feel good in that moment I didn’t wanna know.

Over time, more layers of emotional baggage, stories, dramas and untruths built up around this suppressed core wound. This created more energy blocks, internal pain and challenges. It often felt like life was at a standstill and no matter how many affirmations or crystals I wore in my bra I couldn’t bloody move forward.

I learned the hard way to acknowledge the wounds, issues and untruths that rose to the surface. Simultaneously, feeling the feels in all their glory until they no longer had any power over me. Sometimes, this process was quick and, at other times, it meant I had to go deeper with inner child healing work for instance.

Either way, the important lesson was to acknowledge whatever was coming up. Knowing and believing that it was coming up for a reason. That it required my attention now, in that present moment.

What follows is a process of release. A releasing of the memory or issue, as well as the emotions and energy that went along with it.

Each of these things become trapped within if they don’t have an outlet. This creates all kinds of blocks energetically and just that feeling of stagnation. You know that feeling of not being able to move forward or manifest what you really, really want? It’s that.

I found this really frustrating until I began taking matters into my own hands, using Angelic Reiki or simple letting go rituals in order to release the energy.

One of my letting go rituals can be found here. It can be used for letting go of physically or emotionally and is really effective at detaching energetically. However, sometimes you need to go deeper into your practice of letting go which is where the following tools and practices really come into their own. At least, this has been the case in my own practice:

  • Prayer of surrender, faith, peace and strength
  • Energy clearing with AA Michael
  • Angelic Reiki for clearing and healing at the root

Personally, I follow this up with clearing the energy in the room where I’ve been working. Doing this simply through prayer and intention. Then opening the window or smudging with Sage.

“Dear God, Angels and Eternal Souls of love and light. Thank you for clearing this room of dense energy. This room is filled with your love, light and peace. No dense energies are welcome or able to reside in here. And so it is. Amen.”

You may need to revisit this release stage more than once. If that’s the case don’t be hard on yourself. I’ve found that some deeper rooted woes and issues need more time and energy to clear than others.

Grounding into the present and your own body is essential. It’s tempting to stay in this lovely healing bubble of love and light. However, the reality is that life isn’t always like that. There are twists, turns, ups and downs that have to be experienced and dealt with or how else would we grow? Therefore we need to be ground and present in this reality so, that we can also integrate the experience. Which is where grounding comes into play?

Some of my grounding practices include:

  • Getting out into nature and the fresh air by going for a walk in the park. Connecting to nature and the natural rhythms of life.
  • Prayer to Sandolphon. He’s one of the Archangels who knows what it’s like to live on Earth and he’s great to call in when you want to feel grounded. Tune into his energy through your intention and ask him to ground you.
  • Meditate and visualise yourself being grounded. YouTube have some great FREE grounding videos. I find it helpful to hold a grounding crystal in my hand whilst doing the meditation/visualisation. My favourite grounding crystal is Red Jasper because you immediately feel yourself being pulled back down to Earth.

When you release you create space for something else. I’ve learned that it’s important to fill that space with that feels good and in alignment with the bigger things that you are calling in. Something that puts you on the path to creating what you want. This step is often overlooked, yet it’s an essential part of supporting you in taking action and not filling the space with yet more shit.

How you do this is personal to you and you may find it changes from time to time. Simply do what resonates with you at that time. Take guided action from your Divine Entourage.

Some of my personal favourites include:

  • Setting new intentions in my journal and these should include the feelings that you will be experiencing more of, going forward e.g.: love, peace, joy and the like.
  • Visualise and daydream about what you want. Consistently follow this up with little visualisation breaks throughout your day.
  • Journal. Words are powerful and there’s something about writing it all down that adds a little magic energy to the process. You may even want to tune into your higher self and allow the writing process to be Divinely guided.

This is an important step that is often overlooked in our haste to feel better and experience more. However, it’s important to love and be kind to yourself.

In my own experience, I’ve found that healing from within is not for the faint-hearted. Pain and sadness are unearthed which means that it’s important to look after yourself. Give yourself that love, nurturing and energy that you deserve. This is especially important if you’re a giver by nature and put the needs of others before your own.

So, take the time to relax and practice self-care by doing the things that light you up. That might be exercise, salt bath, manicure or afternoon tea with the girls.

If time is an issue then ask the Angels to support you in finding and creating time to nurture yourself more.

“Thank you Angels, for supporting me to create time for nurturing and loving myself.”

This simple 5-step process can be applied at any time. It can also be repeated again and again if needs be. Tweak it and refine it to suit your own personal needs. Just don’t shy away from doing the work to clear your energy and heal yourself from within.


This week is dedicated to healing from within. Working with the Full Moon energy in Virgo to really tune in and facilitate that process. Prayers, readings, rituals and crystal remedies will be posted over the coming days on the Instagram page. So, I invite you to connect and post your experiences, comments etc.

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Maximise the energy of your intentions and rituals 

Feeling drained, tired,  stuck or stressed? Our energy and that within our homes, as well as workplaces can amplify these feelings. If let for too long this will eventually manifest itself in your body in the form of aches, pains and illness.

In the last few weeks I have been taking the practice of clearing energy really seriously. Taking time to clear the energy in my home, workplace and my own energy. As a result of this I’ve felt calmer, relaxed, grounded and positive, with a heightened sense of awareness. This has not gone unnoticed by friends, colleagues and family members who have commented on how “different” I am lately. Different in a good way. Additionally, I’ve found that where there used to be problems there are now solutions and offers coming out of the blue.

Coincidence? Possibly. Yet, I strongly feel that clearing energy releases what’s no longer required, creating space for something more fulfilling to fill the space.


One of the first things I did was to Sage myself and my home. Calling in my Divine team and saying a prayer for what I want to release  (low vibes, stuck energy…), moving on to set an intention for what I was calling in. After this, I lit my Sage bundle before blowing it out and allowing the embers to smoke. Holding the intention in mind I walk around the room and wave the stick so that the smoke drifts around the room, paying special attention to corners. Then,  I open the window so that the lower energy has somewhere to go.

I also Sage myself, running the Sage stick around my body and visualise the lower energy being carried away for transmutation. Finally, I extinguish my Sage stick in water or hang it upside down so that it burns out. I’d only do the later if I’m staying indoors, for health and safety reasons.

Angelic Reiki 

At other times I practised self-healing, in the form of Angelic Reiki. I loved this method as it meant that I could lie back and relax, allowing the Angels the space to do their thing.

Angelic Reiki or any other form of energy healing like it has the effect of clearing away what no longer serves you. This form of healing is mostly about releasing the emotional and spiritual blocks that hold you back from being yourself.

Often what you won’t realise is that traumas, emotional pain, anger, fear and unforgiveness leaving an energetic imprint on us. If you don’t clear the energy you simply add to it with each new experience. Over time this creates a blockage and you may notice that this impacts on key areas of your life, eg: you experience endless dramas in your career and despite being capable, career success alludes you.

Personally and professionally, I have found that Angelic Reiki will bring the unseen to the surface. This allows you to explore the wisdom and learn the lessons from the past experiences that have brought you to this place.


Crystals are perfect for any kind of energy work and I especially love to use them to clear my energy at the end of a hard day or week. Mostly, I’ll blend this with meditation or Angelic Reiki in order to really amplify the energy of my prayer and intention.

One of the crystals that I love working with is to balance and cleanse new energy is Selenite. Using it to balance and cleanse my own energy, as well as the energy within my home. Having worked with this crystal at the end of each working day, holding it in my hands during meditation or prayer. I particularly like to use it during a healing session and have found that I have felt clearer energetically. Its afforded me more time and energy to spend on doing things I enjoy, rather than falling asleep on the sofa.

Incorporating Selenite into your daily life can be as easy enough. One of the easiest ways being to hold it in your hand during meditation. Closing your eyes, setting an intention for what you want the crystal to support you with and allowing the crystal to attune to, as well as balance your energy.  If you’re anything like me you’ll feel the energy moving and may even see a field of white light. For me the white light is a symbol of my connection to and the presence of God and the Angels.


By far the most effective form of energy clearing and balancing is prayer. I believe in and pray to God, yet you can pray to whoever resonates with you, asking them to clear the energy.

My preferred method of prayer is affirmative where I give thanks to God and my Divine team for clearing the energy of my environment.

As far as I’m concerned there are no special words. God, the Angels and spirit already know what you require and are often waiting for you to ask. Therefore, all that’s required is that you ask with sincerity and are open to receiving.

Of course, the benefits of these tools and practises are personal to the individual. This means that the benefits may well differ from person to person,  depending on their personal energy.

Over the last few weeks I’ve used a combination of each of these practises,  allowing myself to be guided by my own Divine team. Therefore, it is my suggestion that when choosing a modality, tool or practise to incorporate into your daily life you allow yourself to be guided. Listen to and trust your intuition.

Being in the phase of a New Moon it is a great time to call in the new, start new projects or begin to carve out a new path for yourself. However, to do so may mean that you have to clear energy and let go which is where any or all of these tools and practices can support you. Doing so by strengthening the energy of your intention  and creating space for that which you desire. Just remember that you still have a choice on how you fill the space,  so choose consciously and wisely.

I’d love to know your experiences of clearing and balancing your energy. Have you tried these tools and practices? What tools and practices do you use? If so, comment below.


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Magic Monday: 20th February 2017

Here is this week’s Magic Monday reading, using the Saints and Angels deck by Doreen Virtue. Crystals featured are: Blue Calcite, Lemurian Quartz and Moonstone.

  • Heaven is watching over you – Guardian Angel  

However difficult things have been the Angels and, in particular, your guardian angel wants you to know that you’re love and being watched over. There is also a message here about there being no such thing as a ‘wrong decision’ or ‘wrong move’. All of life is a journey and you are always learning. They’ll be success and challenge. You’ll always end up where you need to be. Be like a child and Release any worries or uncertainties you have to heaven, whilst having faith that all will be taken care of. Your guardian angels and spiritual team will protect you on this next part of your journey. Call them in. Nothing can penetrate their protective barrier of love. You too must believe this to be true. 

  • You found it – St Anthony of Padua 

It feels that knowledge or an answer to a question has been evading you for ages. You’ve been getting little clues along the way, yet you’ve not been able to truly see the whole picture or piece it altogether.  You haven’t given up though and now you’ve found it. You can or will begin to see the whole picture from now forth. Things have just needed adjusting. “I’ve been waiting for you to make the changes. Fine tune things.” – St Anthony of Padua. However, I do feel some doubt. Could this be true? This isn’t really what I thought it would look like? I feel to say let that shit go. Do not think this way or you’ll create blocks where there are none. Let go of control and trust. Keep following your gut instinct, especially now. I feel things are opening up for you yet you really need to keep connected to spirit, God, your angel team and higher self. You need to be aware and keep creating the space for wisdom and miracles to come through. Well done. You deserve this. 

  • Sweetness – Guardian 

“Sugar and spice bag all things nice. That’s what little girls are made from.”

I hate to say this yet I feel that this card is calling you to play the game of sweetness, just for a little while. I feel that it’s necessary to watch your words and tongue. If you’ve got nothing nice to say then say nothing at all. It’s that kinda vibe. Things will then work more in your favour. Sometimes speaking the truth will be taken with grace and will lead to beautiful manifestations or changes. However, the truth you have isn’t ready to be received. It’s a case of the recipients have to learn the hard way. That’s fine as we all have our own path to walk. This is also part of being considerate to others. Be compassionate and kind because this will bring you want in the end. 

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New Moon

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Many of you have experienced the power of angels and Doreen Virtue and her friends are looking forward to sharing many practical tips for working with the angels to add joy and healing to your life.

The World Angel Summit will be hosted by Doreen Virtue and will cover a wide range of topics.

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Michael David Virtue – Tapping into Archangel Alchemy

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Brigitte Parvin – How to Work with Angels to Overcome Addictions

February 24*
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Karen Kay – Opening The Door to The Fairy World

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Melissa Virtue – What Are Angels Telling You in Your Dreams?

February 26**
Charles Virtue – Manifesting Your Life Purpose with the Angels
Naidoo – Raising Crystal & Indigo Children with The AngelsPeroshini
Melissa Virtue – Teachings On Love from The Angels

February 27*
Jenny Ross – When Your Angels Guide You to Eat Healthier
Grant Virtue – Becoming Financially Free with Angelic Help

February 28*
Doreen Virtue – Real World Angel Experiences
Andrew Karpenko – How to Call upon the Angels to Heal Parental Wounds

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With love


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Crystal in the spotlight: Crystals for peace


You have been running around like crazy, being pulled in different directions by a million different people and drinking coffee like it’s going out of fashion. On top of that you’re worrying about meeting deadlines and fulfilling your other commitments.  By the end of the week you feel unbalanced, your mind is racing and you cannot get a moment’s peace. Sound familiar? Of course. We have all had times in our lives that are exactly like this.

When your peace has been disturbed and you are feeling a little stressed try incorporating these crystals (one or more) into your daily routine in order to restore your inner peace.


Having a daily meditation practise is a great way to pave the way for stilling and quietening the mind. When you are busy it is so easy to neglect this practise. Therefore, what you can do is find 10 minutes in your day where you can take a moment to yourself. Switching off your mobile and putting your laptop on standby so that you connect to the stillness within. One crystal that can really be supportive with this practise is Howlite – the ultimate stone of calm and a peaceful mind.

This beautiful white and grey crystal is the perfect meditation companion, as it emits a calming and relaxing energy, supporting you in clearing your mind to connect with the stillness within. For those who are open and ready, it can also open you up to receiving Divine guidance and wisdom from your Higher Self.

During times of anxiety and stress simply holding a Howlite crystal in your hand or wearing it on your person can bring about a feeling of calm. As you hold it in your hand, invite the Angels (Archangel Uriel is the Angel connected to peace) to anchor you in peace, love and light. See yourself surround by a pale blue and white (or any other colour that resonates). Sit in this energy, holding the intention to be anchored in peace.


For those of you who are hard core Spirit-Junkie’s or Gabrielle Bernstein fans you would have heard the saying: Worry is a prayer to chaos. Any kind of worry, fear, negative thinking or anxiety will disturb your peace. In fact, many times it’s your own negative thoughts that lead you away from that feeling of peace that you desire in your life. If left to fester you can find that the negative energy will begin to build up in your auric field, leaving you feeling stressed, tired, drained or, in some cases, weakening your immune system leaving you more susceptible to colds.

Amethyst can be used as a talisman to support you in dispelling worries and negative thinking, as well as any limiting beliefs or thoughts that have kept you trapped in your own little world of negativity. Your Amethyst crystal or jewellery will support you in removing any negative energy from your auric field, whilst breaking down those limiting thoughts, behaviours and patterns one by one. In transmuting the low-vibe energy it will replace with light-filled and positive energy.

Due to the fact that Amethyst is also a stone of the Third Eye chakra and clairvoyance you may also find it beneficial to hold this crystal during your meditation practise, especially if you feel ready to awaken your own clairvoyant abilities.

For those of you who are finding it difficult to sleep at night you may find it useful to sleep with Amethyst underneath your pillow or place it over the pulse point on your wrist to support you in relaxing before bedtime. Click here to find out more about incorporating the Amethyst crystal into your daily routine.

Blue Lace Agate

Holding onto anger or not communicating how you feel is another way of disturbing your own inner-peace. This may leave you feeling on edge, resentful or angry. If these feelings are left unchecked, you can often find that this leads to you exploding or imploding at a later date. Which is where Blue Lace Agate, with it’s calming and peaceful energy, can be an effective crystal companion.

Blue Lace Agate emits of a gentle, soft, calming and peaceful vibration. Therefore, simply holding it in your hand when you feel like you need to take a moment to relax and wind down, can be really effective. Equally, just as with the other stones mentioned, you may want to incorporate it into your meditation practise, especially if you have found that you are holding onto feelings of anger or disappoint that are disturbing your inner peace.

This crystal also resonates strongly with the throat chakra and is a good crystal to work with when you need to communicate with others. Therefore, you may want to work with this if you have found it difficult to communicate how you feel or express yourself clearly. Where feelings of anger or negativity are lurking this crystal can be effective is dispelling those low vibe feelings, paving the way for you to speak your truth.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a crystal that has been discussed many times on the Soul Story London website and social media pages. So, click here to find out more about this crystal and how to incorporate it into your daily life.

When your peace is disturbed you can often feel left out, lonely, unloved or upset in some way. It is for this reason that Rose Quartz is included in this list of crystals for peace. The loving and healing energy of Rose Quartz will soothe your emotions and promote the vibration of love.

Simply close your eyes, placing Rose Quartz in your hand and envision yourself enveloped in a blanket of loving energy. Soak up the energy and be sure to carry or wear your Rose Quartz with you wherever you go.

Final words
Have fun working with these crystals and incorporating them into your daily routine in a way that works for you. If meditation and prayer are not something that is resonating with you right now then simply carry a few crystals on your person, wear them in your bra or adorn your wrist with your own peaceful vibe bracelet stack. There is no right or wrong way. Simply do what works for you and your lifestyle.

Begin by working with one at a time before moving on to mixing and matching to create your own peaceful vibes crystal kit. Don’t forget to tap into your intuition and use it to guide you towards the best crystals to work with at any particular moment in time.
Ultimately, there are no rules. So, simply enjoying the process, be open and make up your own crystal rules.

Wanna experiment with crystals?

Comment below about your personal experience, tips and suggestions.

Are you ready for more?

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Want something more personal?

Get in contact to collaborate on creating a bespoke Crystal Rox Pouch or bracelet.

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