Magic Moon Manifesting


Today is a new moon. An optimal time to connect with the magical energy of Mother Moon and manifest your heart’s desires.

The energy of a new moon brings with it:

  • Hope
  • Faith Renewal
  • RenewalRebirth
  • Rebirth

Yet it also brings with it a stark reminder to be honest about what you don’t want and what you need to let go of. After all, when you let go of what you don’t need you inadvertently create space. A space that can be filled with something or someone that feels good, whilst being more in alignment with your heart’s true desires.

My New Moon Practices
There are a fair few new moon practices out there. Just tap in ‘New Moon rituals’ into Google and I’m sure you’ll find many a guide or E-book to choose from. Yet, I’m going to share with you the rituals and practices that I will be using on the new moon. Practices and rituals that I’ve been using, as well as tweaking for years. So, if you’re ready, let’s do some new moon manifesting together.

F*** You Letter
Sometimes the moon energy can leave you feeling sad, angry or emotional. If that’s the case then I find it helps to get those feelings out and onto paper. You can do this in your journal or as a ‘F*** You Letter’. The key is to not hold back or think about what you are writing. Allow the feelings to rise to the surface, really sit with them and let them out. Within this you may get some clarity or ‘a-ha’ moments that makes you realise what you need to truly address or let go of in order to manifest your desires into reality.
After writing the letter I will either burn it or shred it. Why? Because it’s old energy that you want to let go of. You don’t want to hold onto that energy, so by burning or shredding it you’re symbolically letting it go.

Clear Your Space
This is optional, yet I sometimes feel that when I’ve been in environments or around people with heavy, dark energy I have to clear the vibes. After all, you don’t want to carry the heavy energy into your new moon cycle and manifestations.

There are many ways to do this, including prayer, visualisation, Reiki, Himalayan salt bath or smudging. Although I often use a combination of these my preferred method is smudging with Sage or Palo Santo.


Intentions and desires
Now it is time to consider what it is that you want to attract into your life. At this point I find that the clearer you are the better. If you are vague with your intentions and desires, then vague is what you’ll attract. The method that I will be using tonight to set my own desires will be to write them out in my journal as a letter to God (substitute for the Universe, Angels or whoever you believe in), doing so as if they have already been received. For example, Thank you for my new relationship with the man of my dreams. He is (insert the qualities that you are looking for). I feel (insert how you will feel when you receive this/in the relationship, eg: loved, contented, expansive).

The idea with this is to really connect to the feeling of this dream of yours being your current reality. So, you may want to spend some time visualising it all or dedicate time to reading over your letter in the coming days. How often you do so is entirely up to you, so do whatever feels right for you.

Finally, it’s important to take time to rest and invest in some self-care at this time. I sometimes feel that the energy can be a little intense or overwhelming, especially when you are on the cusp of making big changes in your life. Therefore, be gentle on yourself and be honest with yourself about how you feel, as well as what you need in the moment. Ultimately, believe that anything is possible and you are worthy of your dreams.

Happy New Moon and God Bless.

“Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.”

– Roald Dahl



Sagittarius Full Moon



  • Detach from people, situations and habits that are a bit stale.
  • Break out from the norm and the status quo.
  • Follow your heart, your passions and do more of what sets you alight.
  • Go for it. That guy. The kiss. That goal. The job. That new, creative idea.
  • Forgive. Let go. Call in the new.


This Sagittarius full moon may well have you questioning the direction that you’re heading in and looking at when you’ve been. Asking the questions: Am I heading in the right direction? Does this path bring me closer or further away from my bliss (or whatever else you want to feel)? To find the answer you’re invited to tune into your heart and body, allowing it to guide your next steps. Most likely leading you down a path less travelled. This may feel a little unsettling or scary. Yet the full moon in Sagittarius says: “Let yourself be moved beyond your comfort zone and allow yourself to feel whatever you want to feel.

The truth is being illuminated right now under the gaze of the Sagittarius full moon. Are you allowing yourself to see the truth, accept the truth and feel the truth? If you are then the Universe will be offering you the gift of transformation. So be brave, get focused and shed what isn’t need as you move forward in the direction that feels good. No, that feels exciting, scary, full of promise, uncertain and just right all at the same time.

If you want to make the most of the Full Moon energy then there’s still time. The energy of the full moon is still with us. You make the most of it. Do a little burning ritual to let go, surrender & eliminate the memories, stories and things that you want shot of. Then set new intentions and take action.

I’ve created a full moon burning ritual guide to help you. Hit me up here to receive it.

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June Vibes

IMG_9467How we achieve our dreams and goals- Heart chakra

This month we are called to tune into our heart in order to manifest our goals and dreams into reality. This requires us to let go of control and fully surrender to what is. For its in our heart that we hold our truest and deepest desires. It’s also the space where our wisdom can be found and the space where we feel. We feel the pain and love that derives from experience and interaction with others, as well ourselves. Therefore, this month we tune into the heart space and follow the guidance that comes from here, even if it scares us or goes against the grain.

Connect to the heart through your breath and meditation, allowing yourself to settle into your body. If it resonates say the prayer, maybe with your hand on your heart or your crystals in your hand or on your heart chakra: “Thank you for guiding me to manifesting my goals and dreams into reality. For showing me where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom?” Crystals: Rose Quartz and/or Green Aventurine.

Actions to take – Firm Foundations

By following the calls of our heart and soul we travel down the path of laying firm foundations for the future that we wish to manifest and live. Yet within this we are being asked to consider what it’s going to take in order to successfully do this. For example, you may need to work your own self worth, love or money story. If this is case what and who do you need to call on to assist you in doing this? If you’re not sure then look at the areas of your life that need a revamp or tune into the heart, ask your inner goddess for guidance for both know the answers and the way. Once you know, call this in through visualisation, prayer or journalling, whatever you do in order to align with the energy of that which you desire.

Leaving behind – Movement, choices, decisions

The good news is that most of us have already done all of the hard work in regards to making some firm decisions about what we want and the direction that we want to move in. Therefore, what we are leaving behind is the agonising, stress and uncertainty about what to and where to go. All that remains is to stick to it, right? Hmm, my feeling is that we should really take the time to review those decisions, ideally before the New Moon on the 24th June. Check in with your heart and soul, asking the questions: Does this resonate in my heart? Are my choices optimal for me? Is this what I truly Want? There’s nothing wrong with tweaking, changing and fine tuning. After all, the energy is really highlighting that the decisions, choices and movements we make now are the firm foundational from which our future are being created. Use this chance to really go big and follow your heart.

Use a pendulum to support you in making the decision. Hold it over a glass of water or a crystal of your choice. I usually go for Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz.

Theme of the month – Solar Plexus

This card seems to be screaming at us to trust our gut instinct, which comes with follow the guidance of our heart and soul. Yet within this there is also something about really shining your light and digging deep to find the confidence to step out of your comfort zone. I feel that this is especially the case where you want to manifest big in an area where you’ve felt like you’ve experienced lack. Therefore, this month work on your confidence and belief in yourself, put yourself out there a little bit more and reap those results.

Citrine is a crystal that resonates strongly with the Solar Plexus. Bringing forth positive, warm energy as well as supporting you in developing confidence and attracting money.

Talents – Shadow

The shadow seems like an odd card to have in this position yet when I tune in I feel that this card is asking us to shine light on those hidden treasures. You know those ones that you’ve been hiding away, shutting out or hiding from? In fact, those talents that you didn’t even know that you had? The beauty that’s been hiding all this time? Well, the sun is out and it’s going to shine one big light on them during the month of June. The big question is: Will you bring those talents into the light? I feel that for those that do there is something cool and much desired to be attained. Maybe not immediately but certainly over time. You see, we usually find that those talents that are hidden are actually the key to something pretty magnificent.

“Those that don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

So, are you ready to believe in Magic? Your Magic! The magic being You!

Obstacles – Recognition and reward

I feel that our great obstacles and challenges will mostly be ourselves. Our willingness to overcome fear, insecurity and general shyness in order to put ourselves out there, as well as the belief in ourselves and our own magic. This is a month where, if you are reading this, you’re invited to own it. Try not to shy away from being recognised, compensated and rewarded for your efforts, skills, talents and bloody awesomeness. Stand up, smile and accept your prize. Wear that crown with pride and enjoy that moment. Why? Why do you even need a Why? Yet, if you do, it’s because you’re flipping worth it, worthy and amazing.

Overall, the vibe for June feels good. Yes, we will each have our own little challenges, shit storms and rubbish days, that are individual to us and our journey. However, I feel that we can handle it and I’m sure that many of us have come through bigger storms and survived. Yet, it’s important to integrate our lessons and heal through the application of all the spiritual tools that we have acquired. So, enjoy the journey with much love. Xo

Who’s wearing crystals in their bra?

Jewellery and crystal bra-friends from the Soul Story London shop coming soon. Crystals: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Tigers Eye & Orange Carnelian.

I first started wearing crystals in my bra whilst going through a challenging time at work. Having been advised to carry a piece of Black Obsidian for protecting and grounding my energy, I decided to hide my crystal in my bra. Hide being the operative word because I was hiding my crystals, as well as my spirituality from others.

At that time not many people were talking about crystals and spirituality. It was all a bit weird and woo. An interest that was reserved for odd hippie types with flowing dresses and flowers in their hair. A stark contrast with my on-trend, fashionista look.

So I hid my crystals from prying eyes, keeping them close to my chest and heart via my bra. Happily reaping the benefits of the subtle and gradual energetic shifts that were taking place. A shift that was noticed by colleagues who positively complimented in my change in attitude and general projection of myself. My beautiful crystal bra-friends were working their magic behind the scenes.

Fast forward to today and I’m still wearing crystals in my bra. As our many of my clients, who come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. We are kept company by many other modern spiritual fashionistas across the globe, including a fair few celebrities. Each of us, unapologetically harnessing the energy of crystals to heal, protect, ground and manifest more of the good stuff into our lives.

So, why are so many of us wearing crystals in our bra?

Crystals are little bundles of energy, each vibrating at their their frequency. Due to their structure they hold energy much better than we do and are not subject to the ups and downs that we humans are accustomed to. So, when I speak my intention into my crystal it holds the energy of that intention. By touching the stone it reinforces that intention and the crystal remains in my energy field.

On a personal level I’ve always found that keeping the crystal in my bra is my personal reminder of the intention that I’m working towards manifesting into reality. Keeping it private and hidden in my bra also helps to remind me that my energy, as well as my dreams are my responsibility. Thus whatever I want to create requires me to take the required action. This makes my crystal bra friends a talisman and symbol for my dreams and intentions. A belief that has been held by many of the ancient civilisations throughout history, including the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. All of whom are known to have incorporated crystals into their daily lives, believing in their healing properties and benefits.

So, are you open to receiving and inviting crystal energy into your life? If you are then right now, as we move into the New Moon phase is absolutely perfect, especially if you are wanting to manifest and set new intentions.

To help you out I’m sharing my top tips for selecting the perfect crystal bra friend for you and incorporating into your life to work its magic.

1. Choosing time 
They are so many different ways to choose a crystal, e.g.: colour, spiritual benefits and crystal properties. However, by far the most effective way I’ve found is allowing yourself to be guided to a crystal. In essence, let the crystal choose you.

Crystals have their own energy, just like us and will connect with us on that basis. So, you’ll find that when you’re around crystals they’ll be one or two that you’re drawn to instantly. More often than not it’ll be that crystal that’ll be perfect for you at that time.

As they say: The vibes don’t lie.

2. Cleanse and charge
Once you get your crystals home it’s important to clear the energy and make it yours. Clearing away any energy that’s attached itself to the crystal that wouldn’t be optimal for you when working with.

I will sometimes run the crystal under water, although be careful here as some crystals are not fans of water. Although, I also pass the crystal through the smoke of Sage, place it on a big chunk of Selenite or use an Angelic Reiki. Some people place the crystal out in Moon and sunlight. Once again, be aware that some crystals do not like being out in the sun for too long and will dry out or fade.

3. Set an intention
This is the fun part because you infuse your energy and intentions into the crystal. It’s at this stage that you tell the crystal what you want it to do for you. For example, you might want protection from negative vibes at work or get rid of a headache.

To set an intention I advise getting into a relaxed state, holding the crystal in your hand and saying your intention, either in your mind or aloud. Speaking that intention with certainty and as much belief as you can muster up.

Then you’re pretty much good to go. Pop your crystal in your bra and be open to receiving what you need with the help of your crystal. Be aware though, it may not always be sunshine and butterflies. If you have any blocks or barriers to receiving the crystal will bring this to the surface. Offering you the beautiful opportunity to release what isn’t serving you. Something that you can really work on during a full moon and get yourself, as well as your life, moving in a direction that feels good.

Enjoy the journey and the magic of working with crystals.

Feel free to share your crystal stories and experiences in the comment section below. Want to know more about working with crystals? Request the FREE Soul Story London beginners guide to working with crystals, here.

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5 Steps towards transformation


Current feels: The energy is one of transformation and healing from within. This is being amplified by the energy of this Full Moon. Are you ready to shed the layers, untruths and limiting stories that you’ve been telling yourself? If so, it’s time to go within.

Once you start doing the work you begin to realise that you cannot paper over the cracks (wounds, issues and untruths) with affirmations. It requires more than that. Much more.

True transformational healing is an inside job. You have to go within. In doing so you gotta be prepared for the real truth to hit you. You’ve also gotta be willing to feel the feels.

I’ve learned that this isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a process where you rise and maybe stumble along the way, ugly crying et all. However, it’s also liberating and you’ll learn what you need to, meet who you’re meant to and acquire tools, practices and wisdom that you need. All of which come together so that next time round you transform and heal with a little more ease and grace. So, let’s begin today as I share my 5-step process that has supported me in facilitating healing from within.


The wounds, the issues and untruths will rise to the surface. They’ll make themselves known to you whenever they time comes for them to be healed. However, whether or not you acknowledge them is entirely up to you.

Like many of you reading this, I would simply suppress or block out whatever wounds or feels that I didn’t want to deal with. I’d substitute it for anything else that felt better, e.g.: shopping, Prosecco or work. If it didn’t feel good in that moment I didn’t wanna know.

Over time, more layers of emotional baggage, stories, dramas and untruths built up around this suppressed core wound. This created more energy blocks, internal pain and challenges. It often felt like life was at a standstill and no matter how many affirmations or crystals I wore in my bra I couldn’t bloody move forward.

I learned the hard way to acknowledge the wounds, issues and untruths that rose to the surface. Simultaneously, feeling the feels in all their glory until they no longer had any power over me. Sometimes, this process was quick and, at other times, it meant I had to go deeper with inner child healing work for instance.

Either way, the important lesson was to acknowledge whatever was coming up. Knowing and believing that it was coming up for a reason. That it required my attention now, in that present moment.

What follows is a process of release. A releasing of the memory or issue, as well as the emotions and energy that went along with it.

Each of these things become trapped within if they don’t have an outlet. This creates all kinds of blocks energetically and just that feeling of stagnation. You know that feeling of not being able to move forward or manifest what you really, really want? It’s that.

I found this really frustrating until I began taking matters into my own hands, using Angelic Reiki or simple letting go rituals in order to release the energy.

One of my letting go rituals can be found here. It can be used for letting go of physically or emotionally and is really effective at detaching energetically. However, sometimes you need to go deeper into your practice of letting go which is where the following tools and practices really come into their own. At least, this has been the case in my own practice:

  • Prayer of surrender, faith, peace and strength
  • Energy clearing with AA Michael
  • Angelic Reiki for clearing and healing at the root

Personally, I follow this up with clearing the energy in the room where I’ve been working. Doing this simply through prayer and intention. Then opening the window or smudging with Sage.

“Dear God, Angels and Eternal Souls of love and light. Thank you for clearing this room of dense energy. This room is filled with your love, light and peace. No dense energies are welcome or able to reside in here. And so it is. Amen.”

You may need to revisit this release stage more than once. If that’s the case don’t be hard on yourself. I’ve found that some deeper rooted woes and issues need more time and energy to clear than others.

Grounding into the present and your own body is essential. It’s tempting to stay in this lovely healing bubble of love and light. However, the reality is that life isn’t always like that. There are twists, turns, ups and downs that have to be experienced and dealt with or how else would we grow? Therefore we need to be ground and present in this reality so, that we can also integrate the experience. Which is where grounding comes into play?

Some of my grounding practices include:

  • Getting out into nature and the fresh air by going for a walk in the park. Connecting to nature and the natural rhythms of life.
  • Prayer to Sandolphon. He’s one of the Archangels who knows what it’s like to live on Earth and he’s great to call in when you want to feel grounded. Tune into his energy through your intention and ask him to ground you.
  • Meditate and visualise yourself being grounded. YouTube have some great FREE grounding videos. I find it helpful to hold a grounding crystal in my hand whilst doing the meditation/visualisation. My favourite grounding crystal is Red Jasper because you immediately feel yourself being pulled back down to Earth.

When you release you create space for something else. I’ve learned that it’s important to fill that space with that feels good and in alignment with the bigger things that you are calling in. Something that puts you on the path to creating what you want. This step is often overlooked, yet it’s an essential part of supporting you in taking action and not filling the space with yet more shit.

How you do this is personal to you and you may find it changes from time to time. Simply do what resonates with you at that time. Take guided action from your Divine Entourage.

Some of my personal favourites include:

  • Setting new intentions in my journal and these should include the feelings that you will be experiencing more of, going forward e.g.: love, peace, joy and the like.
  • Visualise and daydream about what you want. Consistently follow this up with little visualisation breaks throughout your day.
  • Journal. Words are powerful and there’s something about writing it all down that adds a little magic energy to the process. You may even want to tune into your higher self and allow the writing process to be Divinely guided.

This is an important step that is often overlooked in our haste to feel better and experience more. However, it’s important to love and be kind to yourself.

In my own experience, I’ve found that healing from within is not for the faint-hearted. Pain and sadness are unearthed which means that it’s important to look after yourself. Give yourself that love, nurturing and energy that you deserve. This is especially important if you’re a giver by nature and put the needs of others before your own.

So, take the time to relax and practice self-care by doing the things that light you up. That might be exercise, salt bath, manicure or afternoon tea with the girls.

If time is an issue then ask the Angels to support you in finding and creating time to nurture yourself more.

“Thank you Angels, for supporting me to create time for nurturing and loving myself.”

This simple 5-step process can be applied at any time. It can also be repeated again and again if needs be. Tweak it and refine it to suit your own personal needs. Just don’t shy away from doing the work to clear your energy and heal yourself from within.


This week is dedicated to healing from within. Working with the Full Moon energy in Virgo to really tune in and facilitate that process. Prayers, readings, rituals and crystal remedies will be posted over the coming days on the Instagram page. So, I invite you to connect and post your experiences, comments etc.

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