June Vibes

IMG_9467How we achieve our dreams and goals- Heart chakra

This month we are called to tune into our heart in order to manifest our goals and dreams into reality. This requires us to let go of control and fully surrender to what is. For its in our heart that we hold our truest and deepest desires. It’s also the space where our wisdom can be found and the space where we feel. We feel the pain and love that derives from experience and interaction with others, as well ourselves. Therefore, this month we tune into the heart space and follow the guidance that comes from here, even if it scares us or goes against the grain.

Connect to the heart through your breath and meditation, allowing yourself to settle into your body. If it resonates say the prayer, maybe with your hand on your heart or your crystals in your hand or on your heart chakra: “Thank you for guiding me to manifesting my goals and dreams into reality. For showing me where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom?” Crystals: Rose Quartz and/or Green Aventurine.

Actions to take – Firm Foundations

By following the calls of our heart and soul we travel down the path of laying firm foundations for the future that we wish to manifest and live. Yet within this we are being asked to consider what it’s going to take in order to successfully do this. For example, you may need to work your own self worth, love or money story. If this is case what and who do you need to call on to assist you in doing this? If you’re not sure then look at the areas of your life that need a revamp or tune into the heart, ask your inner goddess for guidance for both know the answers and the way. Once you know, call this in through visualisation, prayer or journalling, whatever you do in order to align with the energy of that which you desire.

Leaving behind – Movement, choices, decisions

The good news is that most of us have already done all of the hard work in regards to making some firm decisions about what we want and the direction that we want to move in. Therefore, what we are leaving behind is the agonising, stress and uncertainty about what to and where to go. All that remains is to stick to it, right? Hmm, my feeling is that we should really take the time to review those decisions, ideally before the New Moon on the 24th June. Check in with your heart and soul, asking the questions: Does this resonate in my heart? Are my choices optimal for me? Is this what I truly Want? There’s nothing wrong with tweaking, changing and fine tuning. After all, the energy is really highlighting that the decisions, choices and movements we make now are the firm foundational from which our future are being created. Use this chance to really go big and follow your heart.

Use a pendulum to support you in making the decision. Hold it over a glass of water or a crystal of your choice. I usually go for Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz.

Theme of the month – Solar Plexus

This card seems to be screaming at us to trust our gut instinct, which comes with follow the guidance of our heart and soul. Yet within this there is also something about really shining your light and digging deep to find the confidence to step out of your comfort zone. I feel that this is especially the case where you want to manifest big in an area where you’ve felt like you’ve experienced lack. Therefore, this month work on your confidence and belief in yourself, put yourself out there a little bit more and reap those results.

Citrine is a crystal that resonates strongly with the Solar Plexus. Bringing forth positive, warm energy as well as supporting you in developing confidence and attracting money.

Talents – Shadow

The shadow seems like an odd card to have in this position yet when I tune in I feel that this card is asking us to shine light on those hidden treasures. You know those ones that you’ve been hiding away, shutting out or hiding from? In fact, those talents that you didn’t even know that you had? The beauty that’s been hiding all this time? Well, the sun is out and it’s going to shine one big light on them during the month of June. The big question is: Will you bring those talents into the light? I feel that for those that do there is something cool and much desired to be attained. Maybe not immediately but certainly over time. You see, we usually find that those talents that are hidden are actually the key to something pretty magnificent.

“Those that don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

So, are you ready to believe in Magic? Your Magic! The magic being You!

Obstacles – Recognition and reward

I feel that our great obstacles and challenges will mostly be ourselves. Our willingness to overcome fear, insecurity and general shyness in order to put ourselves out there, as well as the belief in ourselves and our own magic. This is a month where, if you are reading this, you’re invited to own it. Try not to shy away from being recognised, compensated and rewarded for your efforts, skills, talents and bloody awesomeness. Stand up, smile and accept your prize. Wear that crown with pride and enjoy that moment. Why? Why do you even need a Why? Yet, if you do, it’s because you’re flipping worth it, worthy and amazing.

Overall, the vibe for June feels good. Yes, we will each have our own little challenges, shit storms and rubbish days, that are individual to us and our journey. However, I feel that we can handle it and I’m sure that many of us have come through bigger storms and survived. Yet, it’s important to integrate our lessons and heal through the application of all the spiritual tools that we have acquired. So, enjoy the journey with much love. Xo


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