Who’s wearing crystals in their bra?

Jewellery and crystal bra-friends from the Soul Story London shop coming soon. Crystals: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Tigers Eye & Orange Carnelian.

I first started wearing crystals in my bra whilst going through a challenging time at work. Having been advised to carry a piece of Black Obsidian for protecting and grounding my energy, I decided to hide my crystal in my bra. Hide being the operative word because I was hiding my crystals, as well as my spirituality from others.

At that time not many people were talking about crystals and spirituality. It was all a bit weird and woo. An interest that was reserved for odd hippie types with flowing dresses and flowers in their hair. A stark contrast with my on-trend, fashionista look.

So I hid my crystals from prying eyes, keeping them close to my chest and heart via my bra. Happily reaping the benefits of the subtle and gradual energetic shifts that were taking place. A shift that was noticed by colleagues who positively complimented in my change in attitude and general projection of myself. My beautiful crystal bra-friends were working their magic behind the scenes.

Fast forward to today and I’m still wearing crystals in my bra. As our many of my clients, who come from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. We are kept company by many other modern spiritual fashionistas across the globe, including a fair few celebrities. Each of us, unapologetically harnessing the energy of crystals to heal, protect, ground and manifest more of the good stuff into our lives.

So, why are so many of us wearing crystals in our bra?

Crystals are little bundles of energy, each vibrating at their their frequency. Due to their structure they hold energy much better than we do and are not subject to the ups and downs that we humans are accustomed to. So, when I speak my intention into my crystal it holds the energy of that intention. By touching the stone it reinforces that intention and the crystal remains in my energy field.

On a personal level I’ve always found that keeping the crystal in my bra is my personal reminder of the intention that I’m working towards manifesting into reality. Keeping it private and hidden in my bra also helps to remind me that my energy, as well as my dreams are my responsibility. Thus whatever I want to create requires me to take the required action. This makes my crystal bra friends a talisman and symbol for my dreams and intentions. A belief that has been held by many of the ancient civilisations throughout history, including the Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. All of whom are known to have incorporated crystals into their daily lives, believing in their healing properties and benefits.

So, are you open to receiving and inviting crystal energy into your life? If you are then right now, as we move into the New Moon phase is absolutely perfect, especially if you are wanting to manifest and set new intentions.

To help you out I’m sharing my top tips for selecting the perfect crystal bra friend for you and incorporating into your life to work its magic.

1. Choosing time 
They are so many different ways to choose a crystal, e.g.: colour, spiritual benefits and crystal properties. However, by far the most effective way I’ve found is allowing yourself to be guided to a crystal. In essence, let the crystal choose you.

Crystals have their own energy, just like us and will connect with us on that basis. So, you’ll find that when you’re around crystals they’ll be one or two that you’re drawn to instantly. More often than not it’ll be that crystal that’ll be perfect for you at that time.

As they say: The vibes don’t lie.

2. Cleanse and charge
Once you get your crystals home it’s important to clear the energy and make it yours. Clearing away any energy that’s attached itself to the crystal that wouldn’t be optimal for you when working with.

I will sometimes run the crystal under water, although be careful here as some crystals are not fans of water. Although, I also pass the crystal through the smoke of Sage, place it on a big chunk of Selenite or use an Angelic Reiki. Some people place the crystal out in Moon and sunlight. Once again, be aware that some crystals do not like being out in the sun for too long and will dry out or fade.

3. Set an intention
This is the fun part because you infuse your energy and intentions into the crystal. It’s at this stage that you tell the crystal what you want it to do for you. For example, you might want protection from negative vibes at work or get rid of a headache.

To set an intention I advise getting into a relaxed state, holding the crystal in your hand and saying your intention, either in your mind or aloud. Speaking that intention with certainty and as much belief as you can muster up.

Then you’re pretty much good to go. Pop your crystal in your bra and be open to receiving what you need with the help of your crystal. Be aware though, it may not always be sunshine and butterflies. If you have any blocks or barriers to receiving the crystal will bring this to the surface. Offering you the beautiful opportunity to release what isn’t serving you. Something that you can really work on during a full moon and get yourself, as well as your life, moving in a direction that feels good.

Enjoy the journey and the magic of working with crystals.

Feel free to share your crystal stories and experiences in the comment section below. Want to know more about working with crystals? Request the FREE Soul Story London beginners guide to working with crystals, here.

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